Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ummm...feeling a little lonely!

I'm feeling a little lonely over at my new blog, http://www.workingathomeadvice.com

I am trying to figure out how to email all of my followers here at once to tell them I've moved.

Anyone have a clue how to do this? To email everyone people individually could take a while : -)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Good-bye faithful friends!

I'm moving! I was going to say good-bye and then realized I don't have to say good-bye.

A click of the mouse button and not only do we change an address, but we can visit whenever we like, just like before.

So I am submitting my change of address to all of my faithful friends:

Working in Jammies and Loving It is now Come On Home

This blog is now located at : http://www.workingathomeadvice.com

And of course I have my new website at: www.bloggingbizmom.com

I hope all of my friends will prove to be faithful and visit me at my new "homes".

Thanks for being great followers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Reward yourself!

In my post the other day, I posed a question for the work at home parents- what would you do if you were kid free for a week or even a few hours?

Funny, but yesterday I got 4-5 hours ALONE! For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long! My daughter went to an aunt's to go swimming and tubing, Ron was off helping a friend fix up an old bus, and the boys were somewhere or another.

I started out on the computer, but then thought about all the yard sale stuff boxed up in my living room. It was driving me crazy. Knowing I wouldn't have a chance to set up again for a couple of weeks, I transfered everything to the shed.

Then I started in on some housework.

It was getting pretty hot out and I started sweating.

So I did something that I see others do all the time, but I rarely do.

I turned on the TV and stretched out on the couch. I ended up watching a couple of episodes of Animal Planet's Last Chance Highway. If you are a dog lover, you'll love that show.

Then I proceeded to take a nap- yay! I do that maybe 4-5 times a year...I needed that!

All that rest and relaxation got me thinking of how I could reward myself when I reach a goal I have set.

Here are a few ideas- some cost money, some are FREE:

Go to lunch with a friend- Imagine that!

Buy something I've been wanting - let me think....

Get a professional massage - never done that!

Get a pedicure - never done that either but my mom swears by it

Get a manicure- although there's not much hope with these nails!

Buy a great book and go to the park or lake and hang out reading

Buy one of those super tender, super juicy, super expensive steaks- the ones that I normally can't envision myself spending our hard earned money on.....

Grill it up- No wait! Have SOMEONE ELSE grill it up...and dig in!

Take a long bubble bath - don't forget the music and a glass of wine!

And for those REALLY, REALLY big goals- get a big reward!

Buy a new toy! Go on vacation!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Question for the work at home parents....

In a couple of weeks, I am going to be kid free! Ok, semi-kid free. My 12 year old is visiting my sister in another state. My son and step-son will still be here, but they are 19 and 20 and pretty much self-sufficient (notice the pretty much  :-).

There is still the chance that my 2 yr.old grandson (stepson's child) will come over during that time, but truthfully, he's not my responsibility.

So my question to all is this:

If you had a week with no kids, what would you do?

My answer would be work, of course - at least part of the time.

I also have my son's graduation party the day after my daughter gets home. I will have a lot of loose ends to tie up that week.

We are in the process of priming and painting the laundry room and hallway, then it's on to remodel the bathroom. If we're not done by my daughters departure date, that get's added to my list.

I want to paint/redecorate her bedroom while she's gone- her birthday is a week after coming back.

Sounds like my vacation isn't going to be any fun....

The good news is, she wants to go to camp for a week (if there is still an opening left).

THEN I'll take a vacation, I swear!

Ok I know some of you couldn't even imagine having a childless week!

So how about this?

What if you knew you were kid free for 4-5 hours?

Would you work, shop, blog, treat yourself to an outing, clean the house? Do tell!

I would have to say if I had several hours alone, I would probably be on the Internet trying to learn something new or figure out something that has been stumping me.  I would probably clean a little too- or maybe shop ALONE!

I sometimes find it hard to just relax while I can........

I mean, shouldn't I be out having coffee with a friend or something?

So what about you- what would YOU do?

Just wanted to know......

Create an out door oasis

Yardiac.com The Ultimate Garden Center


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They just don't get it :-)

Don't you just love the family, friends and other people that call you multiple times a day to chat, ask you to volunteer for everything under the sun or even assume you can babysit their kids- all because you work at home?

After all, aren't we all sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soap opera's all day while our computers are making us 6-figure incomes.....by themselves?

I really have to laugh at them.

I recently had someone say something to the effect that I had a lot of time on my hands while THEY worked all day.

Excuse me?

Wouldn't you love to just freak out on them one day?

If I freaked out, some things I would mention...........

#1- When you work at home, you are (usually) a one-man show. Yes you may have an Upline, a Downline or whatever...

But when it comes right down to it, you are the owner, the secretary, the advertisement department and more.

If you have technical problems, your upline or downline isn't going to come to your house and fix it for you.

You also don't have a tech support team at hand, just waiting for your phone call.....

#2- If you are ill, there is no calling in sick, no one to fill in for you. You either work sick, or you don't work.

#3- If you have kids, it is challenging to get anything done......

Yes, you work at home to be with your kids. Unlike our friends who work outside of the home, our kids are not at a babysitters or daycare....they are HERE. So we work around them.

This means we don't necessarily work when everyone else does....it may be a little here, a little there.

Early mornings and late nights, when the kids are sleeping. Between dishes, laundry, sweeping floors and more...

Which brings me to #4

#4- When you work at home, you are going to have MORE housework than someone who works outside of the home.

You and/or your children are bound to use dishes, paper and pencils, toys and other things that normally would not be used if you were working.

This means more dishes and more cleaning. More laundry if the kids get dirty or go swimming during the day.

I'm sure there's a lot more I could mention......

How about you?

Anything you would like to say to these people?


Monday, June 14, 2010

Why affiliate marketing may be for you!

Do you do any affiliate marketing? If not, why not?

I would have to say affiliate marketing is one of my fave ways to make money.

Several years ago, before I even knew what the heck I was doing on the Internet, I tried to start a writing business. It all started with a Letters from Santa kit I purchased online.

I created a website and somewhere along the line I discovered affiliate marketing. I went with one of the major players and off I went.

I created a separate page on my website for a bunch of affiliate banners and links.

One of the big cell phone companies had a great deal going on- get a prepaid phone for $19.99- it even came with like 200 minutes or something!

My commission everytime someone bought one?

A whopping $30.00!

What did my 4 sons and one of their GF get for Christmas that year?

You got it- cell phones.....

It was perfect- my kids wanted one anyway, and I made $10.00 a pop.

4 sons & 1 GF x $10.00 = $50.00 in momma's pocket.

My biz was a no-go and I quit it all.

A year or so later, I started looking into making money on the 'net again.

Once I was established in my home biz and could start some new ventures, I started doing a little affiliate marketing.

It's little bits of money here, some over there........but it adds up.

For example, Thursday I joined the affiliate program for a coupon company:

I put a banner on my mom blog Friday, and this morning I had an email stating I had made $10.00!


I helped someone because now they can save $$$ on groceries and household items.

And if they wish to, they can also join the affiliate program and make money.

This one definately is going on my new page on my blogging website which gives people a list of affiliate marketing sites to try.

If you have a website or blog, you may want to try affiliate marketing- it's FREE and takes very little time to market. Throw a banner on your site, and go do what you normally do.

And there are affiliate opportunities for everyone!

Like golf- they got affiliate programs for it!

Sports? Got them!

Books? Those too!

Check it out!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keywords, Labels, tags and other blog tools

If you do any kind of online marketing, you know that keywords play an important part in the ranking of your blog or website within the search engines.

When you conduct a keyword research, your ultimate goal is to learn how your prospective customer is using the search engines to find the information or products that they are seeking.

For best results, use keywords within all of your content, especially the first paragraph and preferably in the first sentence.

Of course, beware of overusing them. There's nothing I hate more than going on a site where every other word is a keyword.

Duh- overkill!

If you're not sure what keywords you should be using, there are many free online sources that can help you out.

One I like is:


On the prompt : “Enter a web page URL to find keywords related to the content on the page” type in your blog url and click on “Get Keyword Ideas”.

You will see different keywords and which are the most popular.

Now you can choose which words to add to your content.

Equally important are labels, tags and categories.

With Blogger, you can add labels at the bottom of every post. If you check this post, it will have words such as work at home, keywords,labels,tags,categories and more...

You can add that list to your sidebar in the form of a list or "cloud". If you don't wish to have them taking up space on your side bar, it is available on the "edit posts" page.

When you are ready to publish a post, make sure you have as many labels as you can- a least as many as Blogger allows..

In  the past I didn't use the label option as much as I should have.

For example, just this morning, on my "mom blog", I was looking for a certain post.

My son is graduating soon and we wanted some pics to put on his invitation. I knew when he turned 18 yrs old,  I did a post about that and it had a pic of his 1st day of school on there.

I searched my site for Golden Child, his "name" on my blog. No results.....

I tried the word "son"- No results....

Duh... I tried birthday- BINGO! Found it.

If I had put all 3 words, I would have found it faster.

Granted, I could have dug around until I came up with the date of the post, but a search is faster IF you have the right labels!

Labels can also assist you in finding old posts that you want to link to.

In WordPress, you have the options to add categories and tags.

Each post can be put in a category as well as have "tags" assigned to it, much like labels in Blogger.

Tags can link to a generated page that lists all of the posts on your site related to that specific tag.

Categories are the "subjects" that you talk about.

Whats the difference?

Generally, categories can have longer names, while tags are only a word or two.

Categories don’t help search engines find information, while Tags help search engines and tag directories catalog your site.

So which should you use?

Since they each have a specific function, I would say- use them all!

Just be careful you don't overdo!

Did you know?

There have been 133,000,000  blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002 !

There are over 900,000 –  blog posts published in a 24 hour period

With numbers like that, you need to use all the tools available to you.

Until next time.....

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it time to get out of Dodge?

Are you involved in a homebased business or acting as an Independent Agent for a company? If you work on a commission bases, you probably know it takes time to build up a customer or member base. But how much time is TOO much time? When is it time to "Get out of Dodge"?

Much of it boils down to how long you can afford to work full time making only a part time paycheck. You've probably heard the adage, "Give it 2-4 years...you'll be making multiple 6-figure incomes!"

Ok, maybe not that much, but longevity is definately the key here. If you have been working your opportunity for less than 2 years and you're not making the money you feel you should be, you may want to think twice before quitting and moving to a different opportunity.

Success in ANY venture boils down to a few things:

Do you love what you do and believe in the product or service?

You can't really sell something if you don't use it , love it and believe in the company!

Are you plugged into a good marketing system? A system provides a path to follow, that will ultimately lead to success.

Despite what you may have been told by your upline , success doesn't happen just because you signed on the dotted line and ordered a kit. It takes marketing- LOTS of it!

If your upline doesn't have a PROVEN, Duplicatable system that can be done by the masses, you're doomed.

It's time to find one yourself or get out of Dodge!

If you've been treading water for 2-4 years and still not as successful as you would like to be...

Congratulations, you've stuck it out like you were told!

The question is, were you continuing to learn, working on self-development? Maybe your upline is still marketing like they did before the Social Networking boom. Times have changed, you need to change with it.

I found a great quote recently:

If You Don't Change Directions Soon, You'll Get Where You're Going

Sometimes it's one simple thing....

I love to write, so blogging and article writing were something I  naturally gravitated to on the Internet.

Instead of running 100's of ads a day to promote my biz, I discreetly advertise my biz on my home biz pages on my blogs, and at times write about it.

Believe it or not, that one simple thing, that I love, has brought me MORE business than all the ads...

AND led to another business...........having to do with blogging.

And affiliate marketing.....

Ok, so you've all seen the highlighted links here for Attraction Marketing.

I try not to blatantly say to anyone, "Join this NOW!

But this helped me so much!

If you are struggling in business, you may want to check into it. There are several free newsletters- I make nothing off of you opting into them.

Just so you know....

You can join as a professional, which comes with a monthly fee (yes, I get a few cents for that :-) , but let me tell you...

...they have articles, videos, teleconferences, etc....I mean TONS of them in the professional section.

Everything you ever wanted to know about using SEO, Facebook, article writing, creating websites, blogging, squidoo, coaching, youtube, autoresponders and more...

And they are done by many different people, not just one person.

They even have a 1/2 hour free business coaching session with every one of the coaches. Then if you wish, you can choose the one you like and schedule a follow up with them.

If you are into affiliate marketing, you can refer this service to others, and they have tons of affiliate marketing links that you can put on your blog or website.

This in itself, if you took atvantage of everything and promoted it, could be a biz in itself!

I have been using this system since maybe January and I've barely scratched the surface of the information there!

But this information has really helped me find my niche (writing) - I just can't express how much I have learned in such a short while....

So before you saddle up and "get out of Dodge" maybe you should try one more time......

Hope you all have a happy, safe and prosperous weekend!

P.S. Mitch & Anita...I am FINALLY going the self-hosting route.....just been having too much going on with life and computer problems to deal with more issues...

My website is almost done, then on to the blogs :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are doing reviews killing your blog?

There is something that has been bugging me for a while - blogs that are nothing but reviews, reviews, reviews. There is no great content to read, sometimes not even a profile. A reader has no idea if they can trust the authors opinion, because they don't even know the author.

People buy from people.....

People know I like making money on the Internet through blogging, writing, affiliate marketing and even a home business....

They know I like to help others.

If they read my other blog/s they know me even more personally.

Based on what people know of me, they can decide if they will follow my blog, go to websites or marketing systems I recommend, or even purchase products or services from me.

So I was going to write about about all that, but then found a blog post that pretty much covered that subject. The comments are quite varied and even a little heated.......

A Cowboys Wife really hit a nerve here, but I feel the same way she does.

Reviewing products, especially family related products should be on a "mom or pop" blog, as there will be many readers who are parents.

If you review "business items" such as electronics, marketing systems, books, etc...a straight forward blog is ok, but I still feel people have to get to know a little bit about the author.

What do you think?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Alternative work spaces

How many of you have a home office? Those of you who do are pretty lucky indeed. One space to put everything job related. a place to hide from the world and concentrate on what needs to be done.

But have you ever tried working in another space? Right now I'm on my back porch, writing as I listen to the birds tweeting (Not on Twitter!). I am watching my ducks float on the pond I am digging, which happens to be full of water because of our lovely Central New York weather the last two days.

I have a great outdoor space amongst my gardens out front. That is what I call my outdoor office. I have created an oasis of sorts- an area "fenced in" by lattice, with a small pond and several small flower gardens. It's very nice....a little noisy now and then with traffic, but it is hidden behind trees so pretty private. My wireless Internet reaches that far and I have my cell phone. I sit in my lounge chair and get working!

The only problem- AGAIN  is Central New York (or NY in general) -  you only have a few weeks of nice weather (if that) before the mosquito's come to suck every drop of blood from you that they can. It is especially bad in wooded areas, which this area is.

So I enjoy working there for a few weeks in the spring/summer and a few weeks in the fall. We go out there almost daily, but don't hang too long.

Here's a pic or two:

The corner of the garden/work space area a few years ago before completed (wait- is a garden ever completed?)

Some of the flowers.

I know I have several pics of the front pond, but can't seem to locate them at the moment...

I love working somewhere besides my office now and then. It renews the spirit and when I move out of my office, I am moving closer to the family.

And family is why I chose to work at home, right?

So tell me...

Do you have an alternative workspace?

Tell us about it and send me a pic. I'll post all the pics, along with your name and website.

Let's have some fun here!

Yardiac.com - The Ultimate Garden Center

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gaining and keeping momentum

I'm getting ready to have a lawn sale and was going through some old books of mine.

I found the book: Fast Track: How to Gain and Keep Momentum by Roger Fritz

I had purchased the book way back in the day...when I was testing out a different network marketing opportunity.

I happened to take a peek inside to determine if this is a book worthy of keeping.

I opened to page 111, where it is headlined: Get the wind at your back

It  speaks about continued learning, choosing friends wisely, volunteering and working at something you love.

Great advice and the rest of the book looks like it's worth another read.

But then again, the new version looks twice as big, with even more info.

So maybe I'll sell this copy and get a copy of the newest version.

I found it online here:
Fast Track: How to Gain and Keep Momentum

You can never read a good book too many times!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Motivating your downline

Sometimes motivating your downline feels like pulling teeth with a pair of eyebrow tweezers! They say they want a home based business and the success that comes along with it, but they aren't doing the work that it takes to get there.

So what are some ways you can motivate them?

For starters, 85-90% of the people you introduce to your opportunity will never even get started. They will quit before they try!

A few, maybe 5%  or so will sponsor a few people..............

....but when these new recruits fail to sponsor anyone new, that original 5% will usually quit.

That leaves the rest...

Not very many :-)

These people will reveal themselves right away. They are the ones that roll up their sleeves and get to work. They do the training in a timely manner, then they are chomping at the bit- ready to go.

So you have a few people that want to work.

How do you motivate them EVEN MORE?

1. Hold a contest- whoever enrolls the most new home business owners or sell the most product gets 20 free leads...

2. Have them help with a training call- recognize that they are in the games!

3. Have a "prize" for whoever promotes within the organization within a given month.

And don't forget to keep adding to your team. That way when a few quit, you won't feel the hit as much.

Remember the old saying..."Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

Motivational Gifts

Monday, May 24, 2010

Are your goals too lofty?

I was reading a post in a mom's community group on blogging. It was from a new blogger. She is making out a schedule of what subject to write about for each day of the week.

I left a comment and told her I thought committing to a post a day was a huge undertaking for a new blogger, especially if you have kids. If she fails to create a post everyday, she will experience a feeling of failure.

I suggested committing to 3 days a week, then if she squeezes in 4 or 5 posts a week she's left with a feeling of accomplishment.

The same goes for a new home business. I cringe when I hear someone say they want to make $2,000 their first month. In most cases, this isn't a reality.

Perhaps these individuals should consider making smaller goals- you know... eat the elephant one bite at a time.
How you can jump start your new home business, one bite at a time:

Do your training! In my opinion, the first 6 weeks should be training.....about the company, product and Internet marketing.

Perhaps goal one would be to ACTUALLY do the company training. I can't tell you how many people start selling before they even know what they are selling!

Make sure you get some training in online marketing like the Attraction Marketing program - this will reduce your learning curve by months or even YEARS! You can actually do this training even BEFORE you start a home business- then when you start your new businesss you go in with everything you need to successfully market your business and coach a team.

When you hear of people making glamorous amounts of income in a home business, ask them how long they have been with the company before you set a goal for yourself. You will find most have put in a few years of work to get to that level.

Make sure you read some great books, like The Slight Edge and How To Select A Network Marketing Company.

Although training takes time, it will reduce the amount of time it actually takes to travel the road to success!

Have a great, prosperous week!

Blogging 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions on Building, O

Friday, May 21, 2010

Strutting your stuff...

Over the last 3 years of network marketing, I have tried just about everything there is to get my name and what I do out there.


I used Craigslist and other free online ad sites, I joined online communties and groups, joined and built lists and I blog.

Offline/Warm Market

With my warm market I have put out flyers, had a table set up at events, have a yard sign and writing on the back of my car. I tell everyone I meet (when asked!) what I do. I am the coordinator of the Central New York Network Marketing group.

My Fave Ways to Market

My favorites out of the above marketing strategies have been blogging, putting out flyers, CNY networking meetings and doing events.

What methods do I detest?

#1 is probably Craigslist.............they don't allow people like me to advertise there :-(

Oh, and "home meetings". Every business I have been involved with that promised it involved only 10 -15 hrs a week ended up involving 2-3 meetings a week - to the tune of 2-3 hours each!

That's approximately 5-10 hours in meetings, what about everything else involved?

So, do tell......

What marketing strategies do you like the best?

What don't you like doing?

Please share!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pray for money!!!

I was doing a blog post the other day on my mommy blog about "Monkey" a baby that is in need of some prayers. You can read the story HERE.

What struck me as funny was when I went to publish it, I noticed that instead of  putting "Pray for MONKEY" for a title,  I had accidentely typed  "Pray for MONEY" .

I kind of laughed because it brought to mind how some of us are in the beginning of out Internet careers......

We start a venture, then fall to our knees and pray...............

Pray that customers will miraculously find us amongst the 17 zillion websites and blogs out there...

Pray for prospects to be lining the streets, all wanting to join your opportunity- NOW!

Pray your family and friends will give you a pat on the back and congratulate you on your "new venture"............

I have some news for you.........................

God may answer prayer, but when it comes to business, he isn't going to hand you the bills on  a silver platter...

To have a successful Internet business, one needs to take ACTION..... getting the word out there day in and day out, studying Internet marketing techniques, reading books..........

I have nothing against praying, but let's get out there and help ourselves!

Ask your "higher being" for guidance, then take action!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging- is it right for you?

I was posting on my Working in jammies blog (my "for fun" blog...) this morning. Fridays are a big day in the blogging world.........at least for me.

There are so many fun "meme's" and blog carnivals on Fridays.

Basically you would visit the site hosting the meme or blog carnival and leave your link on  Mr. McKlinky , a widget that the blog author has set up on the blog.

Then you go back and post on the subject of the meme, as in Friday Fragments..............You post all those little snippets of stuff you've been thinking about all week. Basically, stuff that isn't quite a post in itself.

You will see tons of other blog links to check out.

In the case of Friday Follow, Ultimate Girls Night Out and The Ultimate Blog Party, you place your link on the host site, then visit all the other blogs listed.

Sounds like fun and games, huh?

 It really is!

But it's business, too.

Many of these bloggers that participate in memes are also home business and small business owners. Authors and artists. Homeschool extrodinaires...........

Take a look at the numbers:

It is 12:40 eastern time- when I put my links on these blogs an hour or so ago...........

Friday Fragments already had 30 links listed

Friday Follow had 521 links!


A month or so ago was The Ultimate Blog Party. This is huge!

Numbers for that (week long event) was:

Family Friendly blogs: 1,920 blog links !

Not so family friendly: 178

Mompreneur , online store and home biz: 245

Dad Blogs: 21

Those family friendly numbers are staggering...............and guess what?

These are real people that need real products and services....................

The bloggers that participate in Friday Follow, Friday Fragments, Ultimate Girls night Out and others are buyers, too.

And we all know people buy from people, not companies.....

With that being said, do you have a family friendly blog?

Something where you can make friends, host give-aways, and link to your business blog or website?

Blogs are here and here to stay.

Did you know.....

There are 120,000 new blogs created worldwide everyday!

That's about 1.4 blogs PER SECOND!

Are we seeing the value here?

No one wants to see a business website first...they want to get to know you.

And a family Friendly blog is the ticket....

...and some of your new friends will never buy from you...but you will meet some of the nicest people in your blogging journeys.

That in itself should be enough to get you blogging.


Do you need help getting your blog going? Contact me for your FREE 1 hour consultation. Just fill out the contact form HERE

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Kristen...product reviewer and affiliate marketer


Kristen has been a SAHM since her twin boys were born 3 1/2 years ago. 6 months ago a daughter arrived and now they are a happy family of 5.

Kristen started her reviewing site about 3 months ago. Having 3 children so close in age has really given her insight into the crush of products out there targeted at moms. Finding it all overwhelming, she wanted a way to reach out to other moms to let them know what worked (and didn't!) for her.

At this point, she is doing reviews exclusively on her own. She is not opposed at all to doing them for companies ....as long as they don't mind an honest review :)!

Her main focus is items aimed at moms and their children- mostly toys, books, DVD's, baby products etc....

Because she is not doing reviews for any specific company, she generates an income through advertising. She uses Google Adsense which pays per image on her site. She is also using affiliate programs which allows her to become an approved advertiser for a company and place their ads on her site.

For example, she is an approved affiliate for Target. If one of her readers clicks on her Target ad and places an order she gets a (small) percentage of the sale.

Kristen says that once her readership grows (which it is) her paycheck will grow with it.

Success with any online adventure is sticking with it.

You can see Kristens blog at:


Monday, May 10, 2010

What Lights Your Fire?

I was driving down the road today, alone- for once!

I was doing my usual flipping though channels on the radio.

Nothing sounded good.

My mind was buzzing with new ideas for blog posts and content that I have to remember to add to my website.

For some reason, my mind goes crazy when driving. I have been known to stop on the side of the road to write an idea down in my little notebook.

If I have one of those days where I just can't get motivated, a jaunt in the car will get me remembering everything I need to do.

So I'm flipping through channels.... and a  Lynard Skynard song comes on....

Now when I'm cleaning house, some Good 'Ol Rock and Roll really makes housecleaning almost..well enjoyable.

But when I'm thinking, it seems loud and distracting.....almost obnoxious.

Sometimes, I just turn the radio off.

Being alone with yourself can somertimes be a good thing.

In the mornings I used to listen to Dani Johnson to pump me up and get my day going .

Now that the weather is turning, a bike ride or walk help set the pace for the day.

So what about you?

What do you do to get the blood flowing and the creative juices flowing?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great book on making $$$ on the Internet

I am reading this book right now and I am really enjoying it. It is a couple of years old, but most of the information was still extremely helpful.

The great thing is, right now they have a copy for under $10.00!

Check it out!

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraord

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraord

Following the success of the bestselling Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income took the idea of making money on the Internet to the next level, by revealing how to deliver a marketing message faster, cheaper, and to a larger number of potential customers. This new updated edition includes the same wisdom that made Allen one of the most influential financial advisors in the world, but also features updated information on everything readers need to know.pThe book features the original seven powerful methods that average people can use to make money on the Internet, and covers such topics as taking offline products online, niche marketing, successful Web-based business models, information marketing, affiliate programs, and more.pThere' s plenty of new material in this Second Edition, including coverage of new federal and state laws covering spam and how to work around much of the new anti-spam technology active on the Internet. All the Web sites and online resources featured in the book have also been updated.pRobert G. Allen (San Diego, CA) is the bestselling author of Multiple Streams of Income (0-471-38180-2), Nothing Down (0-671-50469-X), the largest selling real estate book in history, and the #1 New York Times bestseller Creating Wealth (0-671-62100-9). He has taught wealth-building techniques to tens of thousands in seminars worldwide. A popular guest on radio and television shows, he has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron' s, Parade, People, and Reader' s Digest.Praise for the first edition of Multiple Streams of Internet IncomepIf ever the world needed some help to succeed on the Internet, this is the moment. Robert Allen's new book is just in time to save the day.br--Jack Trout, President, Trout & Partners, Ltd.author of Differentiate or DiepEarning money . . . serious money, is no different than piloting a jet aircraft or baking an apple pie. You have to learn how and you must understand what yo@

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finding your niche

You've heard it before and I'm going to say it again.....you need to find your niche to be "totally free".

You can get out of bed in the morning, pound the phones all day and even make a couple of sales, but if you're not doing what you love a.k.a. what you are "gifted' to do, every day is going to be a drag.

On the flip side, if you are doing what you love, you can't wait to hop out of bed every morning, and you almost hate turning in at night!

The times I've been happiest is helping others.

Whether it is through my Journal Writing classes or my Blog Consulting, I'm having fun while at the same time working.

The beauty is, because I love it, it doesn't seem like work.................

Get the idea?

So the question is, have you found your niche?

For a free 1/2 hour consultation on finding your niche, or how to use it to make money on the internet, go to: http://www.bloggingbizmom.com

Until later...have a prosperous week!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Featured Home Business

I am lining up some great interviews with home business owners for the coming weeks. Amongst the line up thus far is a mom who does blog reviews, two woman who make quilts, purses and other BEAUTIFUL stuff and someone who has a home business with a book company.

For today, we feature AmeriPlan, the company I have a home business with.

AmeriPlan is a health benefits company that has been around for almost 20 years.

It all started in Dallas, TX with a dental plan and one dentist. Since that time, they have spread through the United States and are helping 1,000's of people save $1,000's of dollars on their dental and health needs.

They have also enabled 1,000's of Americans to work from their home. We have stay at home parents, single moms, ex-doctors, ex-corporate executives, teachers, etc...that have said good-bye to the everyday grind and started working from home.

Brokers normally pay a $50.00/mo brokers fee, which gives them their websites, training and more. This is tax deductible as are other expenses you incur from working at home such as (part or all of):  mortgage or rent, phone, electric, heat, Internet, paper,pens, ink, mileage, etc....

Only $9.95 for first month to start an AmeriPlan business.

The websites would look just like mine, except have your name on them.

Mine are :

www.iboplus.com/sperry - for work from home information, as well as how much plans cost, how much you make per plan and other great company info. The sign up link to start work at home is found here.

www.mybenefitsplus.com/sperry- to check out plans, providers that accept it, and to self- enroll into a plan.

and www.deliveringonthepromise.com/sperry- a place for prospective members to obtain a free Rx card (good for one year).

Brokers and their entire household (related or not) receive the dental plan, which includes dental, vision, Rx and chiropractic at no charge just for working with the company. The broker also receives a $2500.00 accidental death and dismemberment policy.

We get paid daily, meaning if we sell a plan today the company will cut us a check at the end of the day. The check arrives in the mail in a few days.

Then, we get monthly residual checks paying us every month, month after month, year after year, as long as the member keeps their plan.

Imagine if you added even 10 members a month:

month 1= enroll 10 members, get paid for 10 people

month 2= enroll 10 more- get paid for 10 people as you enroll them, and 10 people (from last month ) =20 people

month 3= enroll 10 more- get paid for 10 people as you enroll them, get paid for 20 people (last 2 months) = 30 people

month 4= What if something happened and you couldn't work this month? You STILL get paid for the 30 peopel you enrolled in the last 3 months, as long as they are still on the plan.

It worked for me! I had to cut back drastically on my business when my grandmother was dyong. I still got a check!


We get paid the same way for any new home business owners we sponsor into the company.

Multiple income streams..................

If you or someone you know is in need or a good dental or health plan, get your business started today and start making money!

Otherwise, contact me.......................

Until later, have a great and profitable day!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you use this? I can !

What is the small difference that makes all the difference? What is the difference between high achievers and low achievers? What are the fundamentals that guarantee a happy and fulfilling life? What is the number one asset inside any organization that determines its success?

All these questions and more answered here:

Secret of the Slight Edge: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Secret of the Slight Edge: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Secret of the Slight Edge: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogging 4 you! And a time consuming mistake...


Because I see what blogging has done for me and where it is headed, I was excited to help other's start one.

I started a new website to do just that.


There is some great information on how to get started, how to find visitors and how to keep them coming back.

You can also learn how to hire me to help you get your blog off the ground if you are totally confused!

Blogging classes are coming soon.

Check it out....


Time Waster #1

I really made a mistake that cost me time and maybe even a sale!

I was on a major moms social networking site, advertising Blogging 4 You. What I didn't realize (until I placed an ad in about 30 groups) is that I had the url wrong!

It was just slightly different, but it led to a competitors site!

I had to go back and correct all those links!

Moral of the story:

If you are going to copy & paste an ad, make sure you have the correct url. CHECK IT after your 1st ad!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Have a lot of mom friends?

100 Mommy Contact Cards for $1.99

Make $30.00 from one blog post

Does your blog have a mission statement?


Your Mission Statement

If you are here, chances are you have (or are thinking)about starting a business.

Although the company you work with may have prefabricated websites, marketing THEIR product or service, you will eventually want to start a blog, where you can market YOU.

If someone is looking to start a home business or money making venture, they will want to do it through someone they know and/or trust.

Think about it.

If I want to start a skin care business, I may start checking out the ads from home business owners in Avon, Melaleuca, Mary Kay, etc....I have an online buddy who does Avon and one who does Mary Kay.

They both have blogs and regularly share their day to day happenings. I know my Avon buddy has 3 kids around the same age as my 3 kids. The Mary Kay friend is a Girl Scout leader like me, and loves to cook. So do I! I have a "connection" with these two.

I know NOTHING about the person behind the Melaleuca.

Chances are, I won't be starting a Melaleuca biz. They may have a fine product, but I don't have anyone giving me 1st hand knowledge on the products and the company. So I may not know how good their products really are.

When I started my new blog with the what.ismyblogs.name program, I signed up under a woman who is "out there" on the Internet through several communities, one being a WAH community she created and maintains. She lives near me, and I once babysat her son. I know her and trust her.

Your prospects don't necessarily have to "live" in your neighborhood, but they have to "visit it" often enough to get a feel for you and whether they want to commit to working with you.

One thing I have discovered with blogging is that it is very easy to go off subject. I often Some of us tend to ramble on and one...forgetting why we started the blog in the first place........

I will soon be teaching some "very beginner" blogging classes, and I think the first thing I will have people do is identify what their blog will be about. So many people I talk with don't know where to begin, what to write about.

Even though sometimes the mission of our blog may alter or change, I believe it is a good jumping off point.

My statement for this blog:

To help others make money at home doing something they can be excited about. Helping them realize their goals by building their online reputation. In the extrememly busy and ever changing online world, it's all about getting out there. Being "the chosen one" in a crowd....

Do you have a mission statement?

Share it with us!

Make a quick $30.00 one one blog post!

Share 10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You and you could win a $30 Gift Card and 6 Points For Tropicana Juicy Rewards!

Got to TwitterMoms for information....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summers coming- better get your marketing game on......

Summer is quickly approaching. While many parents rejoice in the fact that warm weather and lazy days are approaching, many are stressing about childcare.

Because it often takes two incomes to make it in these trying times, usually both parents need to work. But is the cost of working worth it?

In many instances, NO!

Often gas, childcare, work clothes, and meals out eat up the second paycheck. Which leaves many looking for a work at home job or opportunity.

This means that in the months ahead, you can expect the number of prospects looking for an opportunity to increase.

What are some ways to get the word out about your opportunity?

Get social!
Get out there on the Internet by placing free online ads

Join a few social networking sites. You may have heard that Ning is going to start charging, so check this out:

Networking Buds

It is FREE and pretty new, so be one of the first there........and don't forget to fill out the profile page. People DO look at them.

Blog about it- Blogging is HUGE these days! Blog about it and blog often.

Blogger.com is free to use, and fairly easy to use.

If you are looking to monetize your blog, take a look at this:


You can make money by refering others, and your biz is exposed in the business directory for the service AND on many of the blogs (note the Blog Directory on mine).

Get out of the house!
Check out vendor fairs at schools, carnivals and churches. Often a table is only $10- $20. You can hand out samples, catalogs and flyers. FREE drawings are a great way to promote at the event, too!

Put up flyers
Carry a stack of flyers in your car that pertains to your business +/or product. Black ink on yellow paper is supposed to be the most eye catching. I have found the simpler, the more effective.

I used to make flyers that had fancy pictures, tons of text, etc...

I have reduced them down to this:

Don't forget the business cards!

Carry them everywhere, give them to everyone!

So let's get excited and gear up for summer and a new rush of prospects......

Friday, April 16, 2010

Making money with your blog

I have been noticing alot of questions out there in the social networking scene about how to make money blogging.

Google seems to take forever to make any money, and the bloggers just aren't happy!

Here are a few other things you can try to boost your income while having fun blogging:

Offer advertising- Many home business owners and small business owners are operating on a tight budget. Offer affordable advertising and it's a win-win situation for all. They can advertise to a target audience and you pocket a little spare change.

Affiliate Marketing Many companies will compensate you a portion of every sale if you put their button or banner on your site. Check with any companies that sell items similar to your product or service. See if they have an affiliate marketing link. Or go with a service like Commission Junction a "clearinghouse" of sorts for companies offering an affiliate opportunity.

Do product reviews and blog about it. Companies will let you test their products and then write about it. From what I understand, you can sometimes keep the product you reviewed.......sometimes there is $$$$ involved.

Check back soon for more on Reviews...I am hoping to have a guest blogger on this subject soon!

Join a Blogging Service, like what.ismyblogs.name

You get to blog as you normally would, but you get paid for EVERYONE you refer to this service.

I recently started with this service and love it:


Write blog posts for companies. Check on the Internet for Freelance blogging jobs.

Hope this helps. Now get out there and make some moola!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Got a business blog? Promote it now!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

For the next week, 5minutesformom.com is hosting their yearly Ultimate Blog party.

If you haven't already done so, you need to get on over there and add your link/s.

Categories include:

Family Friendly, presently with 1,495 links entered so far!

Not so Family- Friendly : with 119 links thus far

Mompreneur blogs: 180 links thus far!

Dad Blogs
12 blogs listed so far

Facebook 531 links

Twitter: 852 links!

Need I say more? You need to walk, not run over there and add your links.

If you don't have a blog but would like to start one, I can help.

Start a what.ismyblogs.name blog this week and I will give you a FREE hour of consultation to help you get started. You will also receive FREE advertising for your business on this blog and HERE

If you already have a blog but are interested in paid advertising on either or both of my blogs, please email me at freedomathome@hotmail.com

Please put "advertising on your blogs" in the subject line.

Spring Clearance Sale - Up To 90% Off Site-Wide!

Monday, March 29, 2010

More on "Make $$$ Blogging"

I just love this service. Take a look at the blog I started the other day:


I have found the platform easy to use, and they have a ton of templates to choose from.

And the best thing is, you can blog about what YOU want to, and make money doing it!

Check it out.

If you love blogging like I do,this may be for you.

Although the information below says it is $9.95/mo, right now they have a special going on- it's FREE, sort of.

You have to initially pay the $9.95 through paypal. They reimburse your account within 24 hours- mine was reimbursed in about an hour.

If you sign up 10 people, your blog is free!

It's called....


- It's a blog, it's an affiliate program. It's one of the most
exciting opportunities available in our current economic
situation. A simple affiliate program that even many without a
computer are joining. How can this be possible you ask? Here's
how. First off we have made the price of the service very
affordable at only $9.95 per month. So anyone can do this! So,
here it is in a nutshell. You pay for a blog service that will
cost you only $9.95 per month, you then refer others to do the
same and you will be rewarded $1 each month 5 subaffiliates deep. We hear
you laughing! $1 whoopee! Well, it's all in the math, here's
what we mean. Let's use the number 10 since it is a very easy
number to do mental math with. Let's say you refer 10 people and
they sign up for the blogging service, we know you get $10 a month
because you get $1 per each sign up. This is your first level
subaffiliate. Now let's say that each of these 10 people refer
10 people each, you get another $100 a month because 10 people times 10
people equals 100 people and this is your second level of
subaffiliates. OK, getting fun yet? So now, let's say these 100
people each refer 10 people each, that's of course 100 people
times 10 which equals 1000 people and $1000 a month more to you on your
third level of subaffiliates. If you check out the math on the
remaining two levels you will find that on your level four you
will be getting another $10,000 a month and on your level five you will
be getting another $100,000 a month. Sound too good to be true? Is it
worth $9.95 a month for you to find out? If your answer is yes
Click Here to register for your blog now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make $$$ blogging!

Turn your blog into a money machine

Check out the banner above- watch the video. Start making money NOW!

If you're  blogging anyway, why not earn some extra cash?

Friday, February 19, 2010

DO NOT mark my words!!!

Ok, I don't mean to hollar, but I wanted to make my point.

Please, please do not hold me to my word- at least as far as goals, hopes and dreams.

Because dreams and goals can change. Think back to your high school days.

What did you want to do with your life?

Are you doing it now?

Believe it or not, at one time I wanted to be an Archeologist. And a school teacher. And a writer!

So I did work in a daycare center for several years, and did home daycare for about 10 years. Even worked in an elementary school as a resource person.

Did I choose to do this forever?


I write, and have been published a few times in a local magazine. But do I write full time?


Am I an Archeologist?


At one time, I dreamed of having a houseboat and floating the waters of the world. Ron wanted an RV.

Since I started homeschooling, I want an RV. I want to explore the US, go to historical sites.

Funny how I hated that stuff in school! Now I yearn for it.

Many people get frustrated when they set goals, and fail to achieve them in the time frame that they set.

Other's find themselves half-heartedly trying to achieve goals that they no longer really want to achieve. But they feel as if once a goal is set, it must be met.

Nothing will keep a person "stuck in a rut" and "underachieveing"  more than working for something we don't even desire.

So sit down and take a second look at your long term hopes, dreams and goals.

Have they changed?

Write new ones!

Are they the same, but you just need more time? Change your goal date.

Find something you truly desire and see if you don't find yourself jumping out of bed every morning eager to get to work and fulfill that dream!

Until next time......

See you at the top!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm here, where are you?

January was a busy month here. Trying to catch up after Christmas, starting a new homeschooling blog and preparing (I hope) to go on the road in the fall, expanding my business and "roadschooling" my daughter. I've been looking for a trailer to travel in.

Homeschooling and Roadschooling are some of the cool advantages that can come as a result of working at home. Your time is pretty much your own. Barring our medical appointments, what is really stopping me from traveling the US? Not much!

Even if you "dry camp" on "boondock" , which usually means free camping ( usually on state land) without hook-ups for elect. and water, you can still work. Free Internet cafe's, satellite dishes for Internet, cell phone cards, etc...all provide Internet. Cell phones provide the phone, and you can get solar panels to keep your batteries charged so you have electric.

Working at home also gives you the freedom to be a scout leader, a sports coach, youth group leader and more. Your children will be positively effected by hanging with you more..........

You also receive some GREAT home office deductions, and save on a babysitter and gas. And the time you save because you are no longer commuting to work....

What's stopping you?

If you are looking to take that big step, and you're not sure where to begin, feel free to read all the advice here in the archives.

If you are interested in a home-based business with AmeriPlan, go to: http://www.findfreedomathome.biz/

If you are seeking to take your present business to the next level, email me at: home4ever@hotmail.com.