Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging- is it right for you?

I was posting on my Working in jammies blog (my "for fun" blog...) this morning. Fridays are a big day in the blogging least for me.

There are so many fun "meme's" and blog carnivals on Fridays.

Basically you would visit the site hosting the meme or blog carnival and leave your link on  Mr. McKlinky , a widget that the blog author has set up on the blog.

Then you go back and post on the subject of the meme, as in Friday Fragments..............You post all those little snippets of stuff you've been thinking about all week. Basically, stuff that isn't quite a post in itself.

You will see tons of other blog links to check out.

In the case of Friday Follow, Ultimate Girls Night Out and The Ultimate Blog Party, you place your link on the host site, then visit all the other blogs listed.

Sounds like fun and games, huh?

 It really is!

But it's business, too.

Many of these bloggers that participate in memes are also home business and small business owners. Authors and artists. Homeschool extrodinaires...........

Take a look at the numbers:

It is 12:40 eastern time- when I put my links on these blogs an hour or so ago...........

Friday Fragments already had 30 links listed

Friday Follow had 521 links!


A month or so ago was The Ultimate Blog Party. This is huge!

Numbers for that (week long event) was:

Family Friendly blogs: 1,920 blog links !

Not so family friendly: 178

Mompreneur , online store and home biz: 245

Dad Blogs: 21

Those family friendly numbers are staggering...............and guess what?

These are real people that need real products and services....................

The bloggers that participate in Friday Follow, Friday Fragments, Ultimate Girls night Out and others are buyers, too.

And we all know people buy from people, not companies.....

With that being said, do you have a family friendly blog?

Something where you can make friends, host give-aways, and link to your business blog or website?

Blogs are here and here to stay.

Did you know.....

There are 120,000 new blogs created worldwide everyday!

That's about 1.4 blogs PER SECOND!

Are we seeing the value here?

No one wants to see a business website first...they want to get to know you.

And a family Friendly blog is the ticket....

...and some of your new friends will never buy from you...but you will meet some of the nicest people in your blogging journeys.

That in itself should be enough to get you blogging.


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