Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm here, where are you?

January was a busy month here. Trying to catch up after Christmas, starting a new homeschooling blog and preparing (I hope) to go on the road in the fall, expanding my business and "roadschooling" my daughter. I've been looking for a trailer to travel in.

Homeschooling and Roadschooling are some of the cool advantages that can come as a result of working at home. Your time is pretty much your own. Barring our medical appointments, what is really stopping me from traveling the US? Not much!

Even if you "dry camp" on "boondock" , which usually means free camping ( usually on state land) without hook-ups for elect. and water, you can still work. Free Internet cafe's, satellite dishes for Internet, cell phone cards, etc...all provide Internet. Cell phones provide the phone, and you can get solar panels to keep your batteries charged so you have electric.

Working at home also gives you the freedom to be a scout leader, a sports coach, youth group leader and more. Your children will be positively effected by hanging with you more..........

You also receive some GREAT home office deductions, and save on a babysitter and gas. And the time you save because you are no longer commuting to work....

What's stopping you?

If you are looking to take that big step, and you're not sure where to begin, feel free to read all the advice here in the archives.

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  1. Best of luck to you in your search for a trailer. It can be fun and a chore at the same time.

    We boondock 99% of the time. We use a 1000w Honda generator to charge up our batteries. It will run about 9hrs on a gallon of fuel. We run it about 3hrs a day when we are working 12+ hours on our laptops and using our EVDO router.

    Will you have a separate blog about life on the road and roadschooling? I am sure it would be an interesting read.


  2. Geez, Jenn I probably will, although I have like (um...) 5 blogs!

  3. I just found out blogger now has the option to have multiple pages and tabs, just like wordpress, so I can record our journey's on my main blog & connect all my other blogs as well.

  4. Following from MBC FFF. :)

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  6. I'm following you from MBC FFF :)


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