Monday, April 26, 2010

Your Mission Statement

If you are here, chances are you have (or are thinking)about starting a business.

Although the company you work with may have prefabricated websites, marketing THEIR product or service, you will eventually want to start a blog, where you can market YOU.

If someone is looking to start a home business or money making venture, they will want to do it through someone they know and/or trust.

Think about it.

If I want to start a skin care business, I may start checking out the ads from home business owners in Avon, Melaleuca, Mary Kay, etc....I have an online buddy who does Avon and one who does Mary Kay.

They both have blogs and regularly share their day to day happenings. I know my Avon buddy has 3 kids around the same age as my 3 kids. The Mary Kay friend is a Girl Scout leader like me, and loves to cook. So do I! I have a "connection" with these two.

I know NOTHING about the person behind the Melaleuca.

Chances are, I won't be starting a Melaleuca biz. They may have a fine product, but I don't have anyone giving me 1st hand knowledge on the products and the company. So I may not know how good their products really are.

When I started my new blog with the program, I signed up under a woman who is "out there" on the Internet through several communities, one being a WAH community she created and maintains. She lives near me, and I once babysat her son. I know her and trust her.

Your prospects don't necessarily have to "live" in your neighborhood, but they have to "visit it" often enough to get a feel for you and whether they want to commit to working with you.

One thing I have discovered with blogging is that it is very easy to go off subject. I often Some of us tend to ramble on and one...forgetting why we started the blog in the first place........

I will soon be teaching some "very beginner" blogging classes, and I think the first thing I will have people do is identify what their blog will be about. So many people I talk with don't know where to begin, what to write about.

Even though sometimes the mission of our blog may alter or change, I believe it is a good jumping off point.

My statement for this blog:

To help others make money at home doing something they can be excited about. Helping them realize their goals by building their online reputation. In the extrememly busy and ever changing online world, it's all about getting out there. Being "the chosen one" in a crowd....

Do you have a mission statement?

Share it with us!


  1. You gave me a quite a bit to think about. Thanks for your insightful post. I will have to develop my mission statement. I sell Mary Kay and my own unit I am trying to market myself as you spoke of in your post. I just started with Mary this gives me something to think about in growing that business. :) THANKS!

  2. That's why I'm here- to get you thinking..........


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