Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gaining and keeping momentum

I'm getting ready to have a lawn sale and was going through some old books of mine.

I found the book: Fast Track: How to Gain and Keep Momentum by Roger Fritz

I had purchased the book way back in the day...when I was testing out a different network marketing opportunity.

I happened to take a peek inside to determine if this is a book worthy of keeping.

I opened to page 111, where it is headlined: Get the wind at your back

It  speaks about continued learning, choosing friends wisely, volunteering and working at something you love.

Great advice and the rest of the book looks like it's worth another read.

But then again, the new version looks twice as big, with even more info.

So maybe I'll sell this copy and get a copy of the newest version.

I found it online here:
Fast Track: How to Gain and Keep Momentum

You can never read a good book too many times!

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