Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finding your niche

You've heard it before and I'm going to say it need to find your niche to be "totally free".

You can get out of bed in the morning, pound the phones all day and even make a couple of sales, but if you're not doing what you love a.k.a. what you are "gifted' to do, every day is going to be a drag.

On the flip side, if you are doing what you love, you can't wait to hop out of bed every morning, and you almost hate turning in at night!

The times I've been happiest is helping others.

Whether it is through my Journal Writing classes or my Blog Consulting, I'm having fun while at the same time working.

The beauty is, because I love it, it doesn't seem like work.................

Get the idea?

So the question is, have you found your niche?

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Until later...have a prosperous week!

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