Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Motivating your downline

Sometimes motivating your downline feels like pulling teeth with a pair of eyebrow tweezers! They say they want a home based business and the success that comes along with it, but they aren't doing the work that it takes to get there.

So what are some ways you can motivate them?

For starters, 85-90% of the people you introduce to your opportunity will never even get started. They will quit before they try!

A few, maybe 5%  or so will sponsor a few people..............

....but when these new recruits fail to sponsor anyone new, that original 5% will usually quit.

That leaves the rest...

Not very many :-)

These people will reveal themselves right away. They are the ones that roll up their sleeves and get to work. They do the training in a timely manner, then they are chomping at the bit- ready to go.

So you have a few people that want to work.

How do you motivate them EVEN MORE?

1. Hold a contest- whoever enrolls the most new home business owners or sell the most product gets 20 free leads...

2. Have them help with a training call- recognize that they are in the games!

3. Have a "prize" for whoever promotes within the organization within a given month.

And don't forget to keep adding to your team. That way when a few quit, you won't feel the hit as much.

Remember the old saying..."Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Are your goals too lofty?

I was reading a post in a mom's community group on blogging. It was from a new blogger. She is making out a schedule of what subject to write about for each day of the week.

I left a comment and told her I thought committing to a post a day was a huge undertaking for a new blogger, especially if you have kids. If she fails to create a post everyday, she will experience a feeling of failure.

I suggested committing to 3 days a week, then if she squeezes in 4 or 5 posts a week she's left with a feeling of accomplishment.

The same goes for a new home business. I cringe when I hear someone say they want to make $2,000 their first month. In most cases, this isn't a reality.

Perhaps these individuals should consider making smaller goals- you know... eat the elephant one bite at a time.
How you can jump start your new home business, one bite at a time:

Do your training! In my opinion, the first 6 weeks should be training.....about the company, product and Internet marketing.

Perhaps goal one would be to ACTUALLY do the company training. I can't tell you how many people start selling before they even know what they are selling!

Make sure you get some training in online marketing like the Attraction Marketing program - this will reduce your learning curve by months or even YEARS! You can actually do this training even BEFORE you start a home business- then when you start your new businesss you go in with everything you need to successfully market your business and coach a team.

When you hear of people making glamorous amounts of income in a home business, ask them how long they have been with the company before you set a goal for yourself. You will find most have put in a few years of work to get to that level.

Make sure you read some great books, like The Slight Edge and How To Select A Network Marketing Company.

Although training takes time, it will reduce the amount of time it actually takes to travel the road to success!

Have a great, prosperous week!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Strutting your stuff...

Over the last 3 years of network marketing, I have tried just about everything there is to get my name and what I do out there.


I used Craigslist and other free online ad sites, I joined online communties and groups, joined and built lists and I blog.

Offline/Warm Market

With my warm market I have put out flyers, had a table set up at events, have a yard sign and writing on the back of my car. I tell everyone I meet (when asked!) what I do. I am the coordinator of the Central New York Network Marketing group.

My Fave Ways to Market

My favorites out of the above marketing strategies have been blogging, putting out flyers, CNY networking meetings and doing events.

What methods do I detest?

#1 is probably Craigslist.............they don't allow people like me to advertise there :-(

Oh, and "home meetings". Every business I have been involved with that promised it involved only 10 -15 hrs a week ended up involving 2-3 meetings a week - to the tune of 2-3 hours each!

That's approximately 5-10 hours in meetings, what about everything else involved?

So, do tell......

What marketing strategies do you like the best?

What don't you like doing?

Please share!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pray for money!!!

I was doing a blog post the other day on my mommy blog about "Monkey" a baby that is in need of some prayers. You can read the story HERE.

What struck me as funny was when I went to publish it, I noticed that instead of  putting "Pray for MONKEY" for a title,  I had accidentely typed  "Pray for MONEY" .

I kind of laughed because it brought to mind how some of us are in the beginning of out Internet careers......

We start a venture, then fall to our knees and pray...............

Pray that customers will miraculously find us amongst the 17 zillion websites and blogs out there...

Pray for prospects to be lining the streets, all wanting to join your opportunity- NOW!

Pray your family and friends will give you a pat on the back and congratulate you on your "new venture"............

I have some news for you.........................

God may answer prayer, but when it comes to business, he isn't going to hand you the bills on  a silver platter...

To have a successful Internet business, one needs to take ACTION..... getting the word out there day in and day out, studying Internet marketing techniques, reading books..........

I have nothing against praying, but let's get out there and help ourselves!

Ask your "higher being" for guidance, then take action!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging- is it right for you?

I was posting on my Working in jammies blog (my "for fun" blog...) this morning. Fridays are a big day in the blogging least for me.

There are so many fun "meme's" and blog carnivals on Fridays.

Basically you would visit the site hosting the meme or blog carnival and leave your link on  Mr. McKlinky , a widget that the blog author has set up on the blog.

Then you go back and post on the subject of the meme, as in Friday Fragments..............You post all those little snippets of stuff you've been thinking about all week. Basically, stuff that isn't quite a post in itself.

You will see tons of other blog links to check out.

In the case of Friday Follow, Ultimate Girls Night Out and The Ultimate Blog Party, you place your link on the host site, then visit all the other blogs listed.

Sounds like fun and games, huh?

 It really is!

But it's business, too.

Many of these bloggers that participate in memes are also home business and small business owners. Authors and artists. Homeschool extrodinaires...........

Take a look at the numbers:

It is 12:40 eastern time- when I put my links on these blogs an hour or so ago...........

Friday Fragments already had 30 links listed

Friday Follow had 521 links!


A month or so ago was The Ultimate Blog Party. This is huge!

Numbers for that (week long event) was:

Family Friendly blogs: 1,920 blog links !

Not so family friendly: 178

Mompreneur , online store and home biz: 245

Dad Blogs: 21

Those family friendly numbers are staggering...............and guess what?

These are real people that need real products and services....................

The bloggers that participate in Friday Follow, Friday Fragments, Ultimate Girls night Out and others are buyers, too.

And we all know people buy from people, not companies.....

With that being said, do you have a family friendly blog?

Something where you can make friends, host give-aways, and link to your business blog or website?

Blogs are here and here to stay.

Did you know.....

There are 120,000 new blogs created worldwide everyday!

That's about 1.4 blogs PER SECOND!

Are we seeing the value here?

No one wants to see a business website first...they want to get to know you.

And a family Friendly blog is the ticket....

...and some of your new friends will never buy from you...but you will meet some of the nicest people in your blogging journeys.

That in itself should be enough to get you blogging.


Do you need help getting your blog going? Contact me for your FREE 1 hour consultation. Just fill out the contact form HERE

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Kristen...product reviewer and affiliate marketer


Kristen has been a SAHM since her twin boys were born 3 1/2 years ago. 6 months ago a daughter arrived and now they are a happy family of 5.

Kristen started her reviewing site about 3 months ago. Having 3 children so close in age has really given her insight into the crush of products out there targeted at moms. Finding it all overwhelming, she wanted a way to reach out to other moms to let them know what worked (and didn't!) for her.

At this point, she is doing reviews exclusively on her own. She is not opposed at all to doing them for companies long as they don't mind an honest review :)!

Her main focus is items aimed at moms and their children- mostly toys, books, DVD's, baby products etc....

Because she is not doing reviews for any specific company, she generates an income through advertising. She uses Google Adsense which pays per image on her site. She is also using affiliate programs which allows her to become an approved advertiser for a company and place their ads on her site.

For example, she is an approved affiliate for Target. If one of her readers clicks on her Target ad and places an order she gets a (small) percentage of the sale.

Kristen says that once her readership grows (which it is) her paycheck will grow with it.

Success with any online adventure is sticking with it.

You can see Kristens blog at:

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Lights Your Fire?

I was driving down the road today, alone- for once!

I was doing my usual flipping though channels on the radio.

Nothing sounded good.

My mind was buzzing with new ideas for blog posts and content that I have to remember to add to my website.

For some reason, my mind goes crazy when driving. I have been known to stop on the side of the road to write an idea down in my little notebook.

If I have one of those days where I just can't get motivated, a jaunt in the car will get me remembering everything I need to do.

So I'm flipping through channels.... and a  Lynard Skynard song comes on....

Now when I'm cleaning house, some Good 'Ol Rock and Roll really makes housecleaning almost..well enjoyable.

But when I'm thinking, it seems loud and distracting.....almost obnoxious.

Sometimes, I just turn the radio off.

Being alone with yourself can somertimes be a good thing.

In the mornings I used to listen to Dani Johnson to pump me up and get my day going .

Now that the weather is turning, a bike ride or walk help set the pace for the day.

So what about you?

What do you do to get the blood flowing and the creative juices flowing?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great book on making $$$ on the Internet

I am reading this book right now and I am really enjoying it. It is a couple of years old, but most of the information was still extremely helpful.

The great thing is, right now they have a copy for under $10.00!

Check it out!

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraord

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraord

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finding your niche

You've heard it before and I'm going to say it need to find your niche to be "totally free".

You can get out of bed in the morning, pound the phones all day and even make a couple of sales, but if you're not doing what you love a.k.a. what you are "gifted' to do, every day is going to be a drag.

On the flip side, if you are doing what you love, you can't wait to hop out of bed every morning, and you almost hate turning in at night!

The times I've been happiest is helping others.

Whether it is through my Journal Writing classes or my Blog Consulting, I'm having fun while at the same time working.

The beauty is, because I love it, it doesn't seem like work.................

Get the idea?

So the question is, have you found your niche?

For a free 1/2 hour consultation on finding your niche, or how to use it to make money on the internet, go to:

Until later...have a prosperous week!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Featured Home Business

I am lining up some great interviews with home business owners for the coming weeks. Amongst the line up thus far is a mom who does blog reviews, two woman who make quilts, purses and other BEAUTIFUL stuff and someone who has a home business with a book company.

For today, we feature AmeriPlan, the company I have a home business with.

AmeriPlan is a health benefits company that has been around for almost 20 years.

It all started in Dallas, TX with a dental plan and one dentist. Since that time, they have spread through the United States and are helping 1,000's of people save $1,000's of dollars on their dental and health needs.

They have also enabled 1,000's of Americans to work from their home. We have stay at home parents, single moms, ex-doctors, ex-corporate executives, teachers, etc...that have said good-bye to the everyday grind and started working from home.

Brokers normally pay a $50.00/mo brokers fee, which gives them their websites, training and more. This is tax deductible as are other expenses you incur from working at home such as (part or all of):  mortgage or rent, phone, electric, heat, Internet, paper,pens, ink, mileage, etc....

Only $9.95 for first month to start an AmeriPlan business.

The websites would look just like mine, except have your name on them.

Mine are : - for work from home information, as well as how much plans cost, how much you make per plan and other great company info. The sign up link to start work at home is found here. to check out plans, providers that accept it, and to self- enroll into a plan.

and a place for prospective members to obtain a free Rx card (good for one year).

Brokers and their entire household (related or not) receive the dental plan, which includes dental, vision, Rx and chiropractic at no charge just for working with the company. The broker also receives a $2500.00 accidental death and dismemberment policy.

We get paid daily, meaning if we sell a plan today the company will cut us a check at the end of the day. The check arrives in the mail in a few days.

Then, we get monthly residual checks paying us every month, month after month, year after year, as long as the member keeps their plan.

Imagine if you added even 10 members a month:

month 1= enroll 10 members, get paid for 10 people

month 2= enroll 10 more- get paid for 10 people as you enroll them, and 10 people (from last month ) =20 people

month 3= enroll 10 more- get paid for 10 people as you enroll them, get paid for 20 people (last 2 months) = 30 people

month 4= What if something happened and you couldn't work this month? You STILL get paid for the 30 peopel you enrolled in the last 3 months, as long as they are still on the plan.

It worked for me! I had to cut back drastically on my business when my grandmother was dyong. I still got a check!


We get paid the same way for any new home business owners we sponsor into the company.

Multiple income streams..................

If you or someone you know is in need or a good dental or health plan, get your business started today and start making money!

Otherwise, contact me.......................

Until later, have a great and profitable day!