Friday, May 21, 2010

Strutting your stuff...

Over the last 3 years of network marketing, I have tried just about everything there is to get my name and what I do out there.


I used Craigslist and other free online ad sites, I joined online communties and groups, joined and built lists and I blog.

Offline/Warm Market

With my warm market I have put out flyers, had a table set up at events, have a yard sign and writing on the back of my car. I tell everyone I meet (when asked!) what I do. I am the coordinator of the Central New York Network Marketing group.

My Fave Ways to Market

My favorites out of the above marketing strategies have been blogging, putting out flyers, CNY networking meetings and doing events.

What methods do I detest?

#1 is probably Craigslist.............they don't allow people like me to advertise there :-(

Oh, and "home meetings". Every business I have been involved with that promised it involved only 10 -15 hrs a week ended up involving 2-3 meetings a week - to the tune of 2-3 hours each!

That's approximately 5-10 hours in meetings, what about everything else involved?

So, do tell......

What marketing strategies do you like the best?

What don't you like doing?

Please share!


  1. After 10 years making websites, I still think that this is the easiest way to promote a service or anything else!

    Blogs need to be updated very often and micro niches are not getting much traffic usually!

    It's hard to make it out there, but with lots of work, it's worthed! ;)

  2. I've done Mary Kay before and I hate being stuck trying to schedule, and hold classes. I LOVE just showing off my crafty stuff on my blog and finding ways to get traffic there.


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