Monday, June 14, 2010

Why affiliate marketing may be for you!

Do you do any affiliate marketing? If not, why not?

I would have to say affiliate marketing is one of my fave ways to make money.

Several years ago, before I even knew what the heck I was doing on the Internet, I tried to start a writing business. It all started with a Letters from Santa kit I purchased online.

I created a website and somewhere along the line I discovered affiliate marketing. I went with one of the major players and off I went.

I created a separate page on my website for a bunch of affiliate banners and links.

One of the big cell phone companies had a great deal going on- get a prepaid phone for $19.99- it even came with like 200 minutes or something!

My commission everytime someone bought one?

A whopping $30.00!

What did my 4 sons and one of their GF get for Christmas that year?

You got it- cell phones.....

It was perfect- my kids wanted one anyway, and I made $10.00 a pop.

4 sons & 1 GF x $10.00 = $50.00 in momma's pocket.

My biz was a no-go and I quit it all.

A year or so later, I started looking into making money on the 'net again.

Once I was established in my home biz and could start some new ventures, I started doing a little affiliate marketing.

It's little bits of money here, some over there........but it adds up.

For example, Thursday I joined the affiliate program for a coupon company:

I put a banner on my mom blog Friday, and this morning I had an email stating I had made $10.00!


I helped someone because now they can save $$$ on groceries and household items.

And if they wish to, they can also join the affiliate program and make money.

This one definately is going on my new page on my blogging website which gives people a list of affiliate marketing sites to try.

If you have a website or blog, you may want to try affiliate marketing- it's FREE and takes very little time to market. Throw a banner on your site, and go do what you normally do.

And there are affiliate opportunities for everyone!

Like golf- they got affiliate programs for it!

Sports? Got them!

Books? Those too!

Check it out!


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