Monday, June 7, 2010

Alternative work spaces

How many of you have a home office? Those of you who do are pretty lucky indeed. One space to put everything job related. a place to hide from the world and concentrate on what needs to be done.

But have you ever tried working in another space? Right now I'm on my back porch, writing as I listen to the birds tweeting (Not on Twitter!). I am watching my ducks float on the pond I am digging, which happens to be full of water because of our lovely Central New York weather the last two days.

I have a great outdoor space amongst my gardens out front. That is what I call my outdoor office. I have created an oasis of sorts- an area "fenced in" by lattice, with a small pond and several small flower gardens. It's very nice....a little noisy now and then with traffic, but it is hidden behind trees so pretty private. My wireless Internet reaches that far and I have my cell phone. I sit in my lounge chair and get working!

The only problem- AGAIN  is Central New York (or NY in general) -  you only have a few weeks of nice weather (if that) before the mosquito's come to suck every drop of blood from you that they can. It is especially bad in wooded areas, which this area is.

So I enjoy working there for a few weeks in the spring/summer and a few weeks in the fall. We go out there almost daily, but don't hang too long.

Here's a pic or two:

The corner of the garden/work space area a few years ago before completed (wait- is a garden ever completed?)

Some of the flowers.

I know I have several pics of the front pond, but can't seem to locate them at the moment...

I love working somewhere besides my office now and then. It renews the spirit and when I move out of my office, I am moving closer to the family.

And family is why I chose to work at home, right?

So tell me...

Do you have an alternative workspace?

Tell us about it and send me a pic. I'll post all the pics, along with your name and website.

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  1. We have a back deck that would be perfect as an alternative workspace, except for those very same mosquitoes you mention, as well as some nasty black flies that bite.

    We're working on building something out there that's enclosed with screens or glass.

    Will send photos when there's something to photograph. Meanwhile, I've been working at home for thirty years. There's nothing like it, as you know.

  2. Kind of. I'm living with my parents while my husband is deployed (for the company and for help with my daughter) I have all of my card making stuff in my mom's office/sewing room. Usually at my house though it's all in the basement and I pull out bits and pieces as I have time to work on it. Once my hubby comes home I fully intent to organize my basement room better and really turn it into my crafty space.


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