Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Question for the work at home parents....

In a couple of weeks, I am going to be kid free! Ok, semi-kid free. My 12 year old is visiting my sister in another state. My son and step-son will still be here, but they are 19 and 20 and pretty much self-sufficient (notice the pretty much  :-).

There is still the chance that my 2 yr.old grandson (stepson's child) will come over during that time, but truthfully, he's not my responsibility.

So my question to all is this:

If you had a week with no kids, what would you do?

My answer would be work, of course - at least part of the time.

I also have my son's graduation party the day after my daughter gets home. I will have a lot of loose ends to tie up that week.

We are in the process of priming and painting the laundry room and hallway, then it's on to remodel the bathroom. If we're not done by my daughters departure date, that get's added to my list.

I want to paint/redecorate her bedroom while she's gone- her birthday is a week after coming back.

Sounds like my vacation isn't going to be any fun....

The good news is, she wants to go to camp for a week (if there is still an opening left).

THEN I'll take a vacation, I swear!

Ok I know some of you couldn't even imagine having a childless week!

So how about this?

What if you knew you were kid free for 4-5 hours?

Would you work, shop, blog, treat yourself to an outing, clean the house? Do tell!

I would have to say if I had several hours alone, I would probably be on the Internet trying to learn something new or figure out something that has been stumping me.  I would probably clean a little too- or maybe shop ALONE!

I sometimes find it hard to just relax while I can........

I mean, shouldn't I be out having coffee with a friend or something?

So what about you- what would YOU do?

Just wanted to know......

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  1. That's always tough for me. I try to get work done because overall that does help my mood. lol. I also try to clean because of the same. So, depending on how much time I have, I'd spend a bit cleaning, working and then relaxing. I just had Sunday to myself and I spent the entire day in bed sleeping, reading, and watching tv. Yep...totally wasted time...although I also had a sinus infection. Anyway, after a day of complete nothing I feel better than I have in a long time. So, the next day I have coming up...I will spend alone again but this time working a bit and then going out. I take time with friends...but I also need alone time. So, when I know the kids will be gone..i choose that time to be alone. My husband will always be there to take care of the kids if I want to go out...but I do not always get alone time.

  2. Boy isn't that the truth, and I LOVE being alone!

  3. Alone you say? not a care in the world? Let me see, first NAP! yes a nice cool relaxing nap under a nice ceiling fan. My wiiwork outs without an audience. Blogging without interruptions, or opening pages and having them sit there for multiple hours while I get people snacks/drinks/meals/clean clothes.
    Reading a Very good book. Listening to the radio. Walking without Bears following me. Yes Alone sounds so very dreamy! Happy VGNO!Enjoy your Vacation as soon as you get it!

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