Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Kristen...product reviewer and affiliate marketer


Kristen has been a SAHM since her twin boys were born 3 1/2 years ago. 6 months ago a daughter arrived and now they are a happy family of 5.

Kristen started her reviewing site about 3 months ago. Having 3 children so close in age has really given her insight into the crush of products out there targeted at moms. Finding it all overwhelming, she wanted a way to reach out to other moms to let them know what worked (and didn't!) for her.

At this point, she is doing reviews exclusively on her own. She is not opposed at all to doing them for companies long as they don't mind an honest review :)!

Her main focus is items aimed at moms and their children- mostly toys, books, DVD's, baby products etc....

Because she is not doing reviews for any specific company, she generates an income through advertising. She uses Google Adsense which pays per image on her site. She is also using affiliate programs which allows her to become an approved advertiser for a company and place their ads on her site.

For example, she is an approved affiliate for Target. If one of her readers clicks on her Target ad and places an order she gets a (small) percentage of the sale.

Kristen says that once her readership grows (which it is) her paycheck will grow with it.

Success with any online adventure is sticking with it.

You can see Kristens blog at:


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! As a side note, I have started doing some giveaways to expand my readership. My second one is in full swing right now but there is still time to enter on my site. You can enter to win an autographed copy of the children's book Turtle Splash by Cathryn Falwell. Please stop by and check it out!

  2. Hey! Great advice! I'm your newest follower from MBC:)
    I am also following your other sites:)

  3. Hey Kristen, that's a great idea. Once mom get the word of what you do they'll get in the habit of checking out your blog just to see if a particular product has been reviewed.

    Seeing as how there is so much stuff out there it may even be a good idea to get other moms to submit reviews of products they've tried.

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