Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summers coming- better get your marketing game on......

Summer is quickly approaching. While many parents rejoice in the fact that warm weather and lazy days are approaching, many are stressing about childcare.

Because it often takes two incomes to make it in these trying times, usually both parents need to work. But is the cost of working worth it?

In many instances, NO!

Often gas, childcare, work clothes, and meals out eat up the second paycheck. Which leaves many looking for a work at home job or opportunity.

This means that in the months ahead, you can expect the number of prospects looking for an opportunity to increase.

What are some ways to get the word out about your opportunity?

Get social!
Get out there on the Internet by placing free online ads

Join a few social networking sites. You may have heard that Ning is going to start charging, so check this out:

Networking Buds

It is FREE and pretty new, so be one of the first there........and don't forget to fill out the profile page. People DO look at them.

Blog about it- Blogging is HUGE these days! Blog about it and blog often.

Blogger.com is free to use, and fairly easy to use.

If you are looking to monetize your blog, take a look at this:


You can make money by refering others, and your biz is exposed in the business directory for the service AND on many of the blogs (note the Blog Directory on mine).

Get out of the house!
Check out vendor fairs at schools, carnivals and churches. Often a table is only $10- $20. You can hand out samples, catalogs and flyers. FREE drawings are a great way to promote at the event, too!

Put up flyers
Carry a stack of flyers in your car that pertains to your business +/or product. Black ink on yellow paper is supposed to be the most eye catching. I have found the simpler, the more effective.

I used to make flyers that had fancy pictures, tons of text, etc...

I have reduced them down to this:

Don't forget the business cards!

Carry them everywhere, give them to everyone!

So let's get excited and gear up for summer and a new rush of prospects......

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