Friday, October 16, 2009

Stop the dream stealers in their tracks!

You hang up the phone, super excited. You have just started your new home based business! Dreams that have been collecting dust in the recesses of your mind are clamoring to the surface. Maybe there is hope after all. Finally, a way out of the rat race. You’re flying high and can’t wait to tell the wife! You know she’ll be just as excited as you are.

You pace back and forth in front of the window, awaiting her arrival. When you see her, you run out to meet her at the car.

“Honey, I’ve got great news! I’ve finally found something that is going to make us rich!”

She responds with:

A) “Did you win the lottery?”


B) “Who died?”


C) “What did you do now?”

You tell her about Scott, your best friend from kindergarten calling you out of the blue and presenting a business plan that could not fail. It was selling widgets! Everyone needs widgets!

You wait for the excitement……. Silence …There isn’t any excitement at all.

In fact you’re in the doghouse! She is furious that you spent money on a “scam” as she called it.

You sleep on the couch, figuring she’ll “come around”.

You go to work and share the news of your new business with a buddy at work. He laughs . "C’mon you don’t believe all that stuff do you? Only the lucky get rich!"

Your wife is mad at, your co-workers are laughing at you, and your parents think you’re crazy!

You start to wonder- what if everyone’s right?

They are not right, they are dream stealers!

Dream stealers can be your spouse, a parent, your neighbor, even a close friend or office colleague.

Some dream stealers are those who love you. They don’t understand what you are doing and are concerned for you and your family. These people may not even realize they are dream stealers.

Others may be jealous. Maybe they have given up a dream in the past and can’t see the road back.

Regardless of Dream Stealers, you CAN succeed at business. Look at all the modern conveniences at our disposal. They all started with a dream and became a reality with hard work. Even when they were told they couldn’t, they did.

How to STOP the dream stealers,

Remember your WHY: Write down your reasons for wanting to be INDEPENDENT and achieve TIME FREEDOM. It is easier to stay on track if you keep that in the forefront of your mind.

Create a dream board with pics of your dreams. What do you want? A new car? Put a picture of your dream car on your dream board. Add to it as you create new goals for the future.

Stay away from dream stealers! Most people face at least some dream stealers on their journey to freedom. Like speed bumps in the road, they just about stop you in your tracks. Try to steer clear as much as possible. If you have to be with them, don’t bring up business. Accentuate the positive aspects of your home-based business if asked.

Make a list of comebacks for different “comments” dream stealers may make. The important thing is to keep your cool and remember you are in charge of your life, not them.

If you seriously work your new business despite everything, you will soon have the proof that working at home is the right choice for you.

And they may even want to join you!

Here’s to your success!

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