Friday, October 9, 2009

The Real Scoop- do you want a WAH job or a home business?

Here is some food for thought. Are you looking for a JOB at home or a HOME BUSINESS ?  Do you know the difference?.

A job usually has set working hours. You may need a room separate from the main living quarters, and possibly a dedicated telephone line.

You can expect a regular paycheck with a job. The pay is usually on an hourly bases like a traditional job.You need permission for a day off.

There are not many work from home “jobs”. If there were, wouldn’t everyone work at home?

With a home business, ou are in charge of every aspect of that business. You need to learn about your company’s products or services and how to market them.

You need self-discipline. You need to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink. You will need to create a schedule with time set aside for your business, family and housework.

You are usually paid commissions and with some companies, bonuses. You need to BUILD a business, one customer at a time. But once you start building, you can’t stop!

With a home business, you don’t need permission to take time off. You can be there for loved ones if needed, attend school plays and ball games. You can give yourself a raise whenever you want just by working harder! With some companies, you are building a lifetime residual income.

When starting a home business, be sure you “connect” with your enroller or sponsor. This person will be your mentor –they will assist you in your business. Be sure they provide ongoing training and support.

Make sure others are available in case your mentor is not available when needed. Having a team who will take the time and train you properly is extremely important. It can be the difference between success and failure.

Now, take some time to “digest” all this information, and then get going on finding your next work at home job or business opportunity.

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