Sunday, October 25, 2009

You can market for FREE or almost free!

Note: I know I promised to go furthur into why people say they have no money....but I had some unexpected company pop up over the weekend, so I'm not quite done with that. But I thought this info would be helpful in the meantime.

One of the problems facing new business owners is getting their information  in front of people. Many start out with very little or no advertising budget. How are they supposed to make money if no one is looking at their website?

Here are a few things to try. As you can see, I use them as well!
FREE web traffic  You will need to look at 6 websites, get the code placed on top, and put it where specified. Then, your site will be added onto the top.

Here are a couple of List Building Sites I like. They enable you to blast emails to thousands of people at once.

Most list building sites are free, although they may have an upgrade option if you would like to email to more people or even make money with them.

Did you know, you can get FREE or reduced business cards, postcards, sign and more? Check it out here

And finally, there's free online advertising. Just Google the words "free online advertising" and you'll get enough sites to last you a life time.

You can find out some important information about a web site by going to

You can check out a websites traffic,what country(s) most of the traffic comes from, daily rankings and more.

Every ad site is a little different, but with most you are basically filling out an online form to create your ad. They vary in the information you can provide. Some will not allow links, others charge for graphics.

Your best bet is to start with two or three sites, learn the ropes, and then start branching out to others.

These are just a few ways to get your information out to a lot of people in a short amount of time. But the key is to remember to be doing these actions every day! Consistency is key!

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