Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing in Action; Where's my downline?

I remember when I first started my home business. I had a day where I recruited 3 people in a couple of hours. I was hot!

Or so I thought. The fact of the matter is I talked to one of the ladies the next day, and never heard from her again! I tried to call her several times to no avail. I still don’t know to this day if she’s even living.

The next one stayed on board for a month or so, but never did much. Then she quit. Two months later she called, all excited. Some of those people she had sent postcards to months before were starting to call her. She wanted back in.

I got her back in, only to have her do nothing, and quit again.

The next one stayed a few months, also doing nothing. Then they quit, but stayed on as a health member for about a year.

If you have been in your business for a while, this most likely rings a bell. If you’re new, you need to know this is normal.

Not everyone you recruit is going to stay. Not even those gung ho “winners” you’ve got. In fact, the majority won’t. Period.

So what’s going on then? They say they want the freedom of no boss, freedom to go on vacations, to spend time with their kids.

Why aren’t they working like you are to achieve those goals?

One reason people disappear is they realize that a home business is REAL WORK. It takes time to build a business and they aren’t willing to put in the time. These are usually the people that claim that they don’t want a get rich quick scheme. Hello? What DO they want?

Your down line may have also been possessed by a Dream Stealer. We’ve all run into them!

If you have someone that is Missing In Action but they haven’t quit yet, here are a few things you can do.

1. Send a nice card expressing concern for their well being
2. Keep sending any informational emails to them- they may actually be reading them!
3. Bless and Release them. They will either come around at a later point, or end up quitting.

If they have quit, bless and release them.

The fact is, you can’t make a person work. All you can do is keep on working your business, while looking for people that are willing to do what it takes to make it to the top. Just like you!


  1. Home businesses are definitely a TON of work!

    Just stopping by late to say Happy Halloween, Happy VGNO & SO Happy my DUCKS beat USC!!! :)

  2. Very true - keep up the good work!


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