Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is there an Energy Sucker in your life?

Have you ever had an Energy Sucker invading your space? It may be a friend that wants to chat 27/7 about everything under the sun- from her jerk of a boyfriend to her in- grown toenail to her boring excursions to the mall. Maybe it's a mother-in-law who is always into your personal business and gives unwanted advice.

Whoever they are, they can really put a dent in your schedule, and cause a ton of stress as well. Here is a poem I wrote years ago when we had an "Energy Sucker" invading our space. ( fill in she for he if that is your case)

The Energy Sucker

The Energy Sucker, he strikes by day
The Energy Sucker he strikes by night

He strikes from nearby
And also from afar
He'll be sure to get you wherever you are

Whether face-to-face or through the telephone wire
At the sound of his voice, you'll begin to tire

Your body will be weary, your spirit will fall
When the Energy Sucker comes to call

Be on your guard he is always standing by
To suck your energy and leave you dry.

Stand your ground, with feet firmly on the floor
If he wins the game, you're his slave forever more!

Steps To Keep The Energy Suckers At Bay!

1. Establish a work schedule and let friends and family know it.

2. If someone still doesn't back off, you may have to speak with them personally. If it is a friend or family member, let them know you would love to chat AFTER working hours. Give them a time when you will be available.

3.  When you are working, do not answer the telephone. Check your messages and call back only those that pertain to business until your "working hours" are over.

 Remember that this is your home business. By blocking off time for it everyday(and sticking to it) you send a signal to others that you are serious about your business. And most people, not even realizing they were being Energy Suckers will respect that.
Until next time...
See You At The Top!

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  1. Thanks for this important reminder Carolee! I need to remember to do this - not to keep the Energy Suckers at bay - but so that my poor children know when Mom's working hours are over and they have their special time! We've gotten out of that routine with this new job and they think I am just another permanent fixture in front of the computer that throws food at them every now and again before it collapes from exhaustion!!!


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