Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What are your prospects dreams?

As discussed on Friday, there are 3 reasons why people don’t buy from you.

Today we will discuss the prospect that DOES have money, but they aren’t telling you.

The burning question is why they aren’t biting….

There is one very logical answer to that. They really don’t want or need what you are offering. They have checked out your product, and looked at the business opportunity. They just can’t envision themselves using the product, much less selling it. Remember, you need to believe in and be excited about your product.

Another reason someone is not entering into a business relationship with you may be that you haven’t gotten them “dreaming”. They like your product. They have heard your opportunity, but just don’t see what’s in it for them.

Sometimes we get caught up in our presentations when talking to prospects. We give the company information, pay scale, start-up fee’s and training. But one vital ingredient is missing…

The Dream!

Everyone has a dream or a “why”. Something they want to achieve in life, or maybe something they would like to own. They may desire a certain lifestyle.

Our job as recruiters is to pull those dreams from people. Help them to see that with persistence, faith and a little elbow grease, they can have what they desire.

Here are a few questions I like to ask right in the beginning:

1. Why do they want to work from home?
Really listen for buzzwords that identify their needs. Some may be “stay home with kids”, “ be my own boss”, or “take care of an aging parent”. These are surface needs. But what about their dreams?

2. Can you tell me more about that?
People love to talk about themselves. If all you talk about is YOURSELF, they will feel you don’t care about them and their needs. It’s ok to give a brief summary of your experience with the company, but keep it to a minimum. People want to know how this opportunity can help THEM.

3. (One of my personal favorites) If you had all the money you needed to pay your bills and live comfortably, what would you do with your time?
This really stumps a lot of people and gets them thinking. I heard this on a training call…I want to say Jeffrey Combs, but I could be wrong. Listen to him anyway, he’s good!

So now you’ve got them dreaming…you’re taking notes. They are interested. You are interested in them as well.

Go for the close. Ask them if they can see how this opportunity could help them________ (fill in the blank with their dreams and desires)

If they say yes, get the application started.

If they still aren’t sure, ask them if you can add them to your address book so you can alert them to any product changes or promotions with in your company.

Remember to offer your actual product or service. They may end up joining your business after being a customer for a while.

If you have presented your opportunity in a clear manner, and started your prospects back on the road to dreaming again, then all is not lost. A seed has been planted.

Expect to hear back from these people in the near future!

Good luck & don’t forget to dream!

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