Monday, October 19, 2009

Is What You Think What You Get?

Can thinking rich thoughts bring you riches? Why do some people work 60 + hours a week and never seem to get ahead, while someone else works 20 hours and prospers?
Could it be their thought patterns?

There are many who would agree that positive thinking does have an effect on our destiny. But is it enough to just think a thought and it will manifest? If it were that easy, wouldn’t we all think positive thoughts?

Unfortunately, we are all programmed from birth with different beliefs regarding our world and ourselves. These beliefs are acquired through a network of sources- parents, neighbors, friends, community leaders, teachers, scouts, and TV. We take bits and pieces of the data that has been fed to us over the years and form our own beliefs and opinions.

Did you know that if your parents thought of wealthy people as “Greedy, selfish people who steal from the poor” and you’re then told by your teachers that you will have to work hard for 40 years, you may actually (subconsciously) be keeping yourself from acquiring wealth?

So can you just think rich to grow rich?

Not exactly! You need to believe something can happen for it to actually happen. If you declare success, but in your heart you don’t believe you deserve it, it will not manifest itself in your life.

What you need is to change your beliefs. Once you BELIEVE it in your heart, you will take the steps needed to make it happen.

So how do you change your beliefs? Create new thoughts!

If your opinion of rich people matches the description above, read a few books written by millionaires. Two of my favorites are:

Mary Kay: You Can Have It All by Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash is the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She is very caring and loving and a very WEALTHY woman- I just love this book.

Trump 101 The way to Success by Donald Trump

Once you read a couple of books, you will realize that many, many rich people give to the poor, not take! It is good to be rich – it can relieve stress and enables to us help others in need.

The Challenge

Once you really BELIEVE having money is ok, write down some positive affirmations. Hang them on your office wall, the refrigerator, or your bathroom mirror. Everytime you see them, say them.

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit. If you get going today, you should see positive results in your finances in less than a month!

A few affiramtions to try:

I prosper wherever I turn and I know that I deserve prosperity of all kinds

I always receive more than what I need

Success comes effortlessly to my direction.

Feel free to stop back in a month and let us know how positive affirmations have worked for you. Or if you have had success with them already, let us know!


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