Monday, November 16, 2009

What's on your wall?

What's on your wall? I don't mean your FaceBook wall, I mean your office/workspace wall?

Are you surrounding yourself with things that keep you motivated?

The wall directly in front of my laptop is full of stuff- odd things that help me out in my biz or keep me motivated:

A pic of a home on a lake- something I think I may want some day! My 2nd home, except for my cruise boat!

"I have the power"- I believe I obtained this little "thought provoking" quote at a convention for hemophiliacs that used to be held every year. My brother was a hemophiliac bleeder as were some uncles and a great uncle. We used to attend a convention every year for families with hemophiliacs. Great time. Anyway, picked up the quote there!

"Love, Love, Love those Texas Buns" is a postcard I got while we were at one of the AmeriPlan conventions in Dallas, TX. It reminds me of the great times there, how much I love my team and why I love working at home. I mean, would a boss have let me go to Texas to check out a little "Texan Buns?" NOT!

A few of my fave qoutes and my Energy Sucker poem.

Ok, my bulletin board on the left is slightly out of control! It has biz cards, receipts and other stuff to be filed and a few other things :-) Hey, I manage!

To the right of that, on the make-shift wall that separtates me from everything we need to my inspirational word and phrase pic. Words cut out of magazines, like " Peace", "gift", "Beauty", "deliver" and more....

My AmeriPlan "cheat sheet" a little outdated. Updating it IS on my list of stuff to do!

I know to a perfectionist this may seem like a lot of useless, messy stuff. But hey, it keeps me motivated.

You should try it sometime- it really does work!


  1. Staying motivated is so important- I'm trying to clear some space for a home office. I think just having my own area will be motivating!

  2. It is- for quite a while I was crowded in a corner of the bedroom. When one of the boys moved out, I snatched up the room!


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